Attractions in Urgup

Those who plan a trip to Ürgüp must go to certain places. One of the biggest towns in Cappadocia is Ürgüp. A very old region with a long history is Ürgüp. Given that it served as a major religious center during the Byzantine era, it is of utmost significance. It is a region in the Nevşehir province along the Silk Road, which links Jerusalem and Istanbul. To see the remnants of the eras, a journey to Ürgüp must be planned. By observing the architectural characteristics of the various eras, one can take a brief trip back in time.
Here are carved rocks that capture the spirit of the entire Cappadocia region. In Ürgüp, mansions made of stone that are perched on rocks are particularly common.

These homes predominate, especially in the center. The stone houses are well crafted. You must visit Ürgüp’s side streets to see the architecture and artwork of these homes.
Ürgüp is the area of Cappadocia with the busiest nightlife, according to Urgup Things to Visit. The neighborhood is heavily populated, which makes it very active and congested at night. At Ürgüp, there are dining establishments and wineries for every taste. Local and international tourists commonly visit rock-carved bars, especially in the spring. Ürgüp has a wide variety of evening attractions as well.

Urgup Fairy Chimneys
Urgup Fairy Chimneys

What to see in Urgup

Kizilcukur Valley

Its valley vista and location within Goreme’s boundaries excite visitors. One of the areas with the best views of the sunset is the Ürgüp Kzlçukur Valley. You are welcome to visit simply for the sake of the stunning surroundings. International visitors swarm here between January and October.

The Cappadocia region also has a few exceptional specimens of red tuff rocks. The setting sun has completely reddened the countryside. Those who come to see the valley’s sunset two hours early do so. Tourists visiting Urgup Places to Visit bring pillows and Cappadocia wine to enjoy the vista. They appreciate the beauty of nature. With its rich historical background and breathtaking natural beauty, it captures the interest of the entire globe.

Temenni Hill

One of the things to do in Ürgüp is to go to Temenni Hill, which gives you a good view of Erciyes Mountain. The hill rises 80 meters above sea level. On the hill are the fourth Kiliçaslan Alaeddin Keykubat mausoleums, which date back to the Ottoman era and which Vecihi Pasha built for Klçarslan, who belonged in 1288. The area has a rich historical past.
On Temenni Hill, people frequently tie rags together to create wishes. That has become a recurring custom there. Such a practice has persisted since the area is regarded as extremely sacred. The presence of ancient tombs in the area is one indication of its sanctity. This is where the Church of St. Georgios is. After hilltop sightseeing, people choose to unwind in the area’s tea gardens.

Thuja Underground City

It is at the top of the list of places to see in Ürgüp because of its historical ties. Those who plan excursions here should visit this area. The distance to the town center is 18 kilometers. It’s in Mazi Village. It is a subterranean city made for defense and refuge, just like all other underground towns.
places to visit urgently There are animal feeding troughs made of rock right here in the center of the barn. Bathrooms are also used in certain areas. Some underground cities do not include bathrooms as amenities. The area has a highly significant historical past and was used thousands of years ago.

Gomeda Valley

The 6 km-long Gomeda Valley is one of the attractions in Ürgüp. Moreover, the area contains a stream by the name of Üzengi. Trees cover every inch of the waterways. Gomeda’s historical ruins are where it gets its name. Throughout the valley, there are also springs of sulfate-containing mineral water. There are a lot of churches. The valley can only be accessed from Ayvali Village if someone wants to go on a hike there. It offers the chance to utilize a private vehicle and offers guest parking services for those who want to visit the area in their car.

Urgup Museum

It’s crucial to visit places in Ürgüp to learn about Cappadocia’s past. At this moment, the historical components of the Ürgüp museum educate visitors. It is situated in the heart of the neighborhood, atop Temenni Hill. Here, you can find both archaeological and anthropological items. Due to its extensive information, it is essential to visit.

Visitors were treated to stone sculptures made of terracotta on the museum’s stairway, and south, and west facades. Fossils of a 10 million-year-old female mammoth are located at the entryway. It dates back to a time before humans have ever been. In Mustafapaşa excavations, these remains were discovered. places to visit urgently The Ürgüp Museum features artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Even artifacts from the Old Bronze Age can be found here. Both current things and items from really ancient times are present.

Urgup Hot-air Balloon
Urgup Hot-air Balloon

Open Air Museum

One of the sites to visit is Urgup Goreme. Absolutely everyone who travels to Cappadocia should go there. One of the sites to visit is Göreme. Nearby is the 11th-century Convent of Ladies and Boys. These structures have multiple stories. The museum’s entrance is also where you’ll find St. Basil’s Chapel. It is one of the places with churches that must be seen.

Red Valley

One of the places to see is the valley of Ürgüp Avanos. Fairy chimneys can be found here. The valley’s fairy chimneys are compared to many silhouettes by visitors. Rabbits are compared to other creatures, including camels. The stones in the valley turn pink as dusk falls. It is known as the Pink Valley as a result.

Hallaç Monastery

Priests prepare medications and treatments for the local population in this hospital monastery. It can be found on the Ortahisar–Ürgüp road. A sizable rocky region was carved to create it. One of the historical structures from the 11th century is the three-part monastery. One of the places that everybody planning a trip ought to go to is Nevşehir.

Damsa Dam Lake

The distance to Urgup’s downtown is 17 kilometers. A promenade is a place where you can relax during the day in the vicinity of the pine trees. It draws attention because of its natural beauty. Moreover, fishing is permitted here.

Ortahisar Ethnography Museum

Here, many antiquities from the Cappadocia region are on display. The historic town hall and a hotel were restored, and they were turned into a museum. There are 12 rooms in it. The Urgup region is a must-see destination for tourists. It is the area’s first ethnographic museum. Mannequins displayed scenes of farming, weaving, Turkish baths, village rooms, molasses production, henna parties, and local females asking questions. Each room in this place has a distinct exhibition on display.


Cemil Village

One community where Turkish and Greek residents coexist is Cemil Village. Here, Anatolian and Greek cultures are both prevalent. It is 15 kilometers from Urgup’s main core. The churches inside the Greek homes draw attention to it. A 138-year-old region was founded there.

What to Buy as a Gift from Ürgüp

You can buy inexpensive gifts for yourself and your loved ones to remind you of your trip to Cappadocia. You can consult the list we have compiled for you while you make your gift selection.

  • One of the main sources of income in Cappadocia is weaving. You can see that a lot of the buildings in the area use carpets and rugs as decorative elements. By purchasing little carpets, you may recreate the mood of Cappadocia in your home.

Onyx stone can be found in the area in both its native state and in supplementary forms. This stone, which is black with dark green undertones, aids in personality balancing. Moreover, it lowers stress levels. You can look at jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and rings if you like, or you can buy unprocessed stones that you can use right away in your house.

  • In Ürgüp, pumpkin desserts and seeds are highly popular. After the holiday, pumpkin seeds can be purchased. You can purchase it unroasted and try roasting it before eating it to preserve it fresh for a long time.
  • Fairy chimney miniatures, which have come to represent Cappadocia, are available for purchase. These decorations can be put in the most lovely area of your house.

In Ürgüp, there are ceramics and pottery studios. If you choose, you can go to these workshops and make pottery yourself. You have the option to purchase both homemade and pre-made goods.

  • Wines prepared by hand are available in Ürgüp. In the wine cellars, you can sample several wine varieties and purchase the ones you want.

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